Friday, April 2, 2010

And the day slips by...

Time is slippery...rushing past in a great wind when I wish it were calm.  Or stretching out the lonely, empty hours when I wish for reprieve from them.  It's this perception of time that leads me to believe that it's not as grounded and absolute as we'd like to think.  Of course several quantum theories support that but science aside, time seems no more limiting than an idea and also every bit as limiting as an idea.  That is to say it's up to you, or more likely your attitude, if time will be a limiting factor or not.  I often get stuck in the "chicken or the egg" quandary.  Do events unfold to me because I expected them to or do I expect them to because they will and I sense it?  Or is it the more paradoxal option?  Is it both at once?  I suspect the latter is clearly the answer, but it's an answer I can neither comprehend nor make use of at this point in my personal evolution.  But there it is.

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  1. I think I sense things coming, and sometimes I run from the information.