Saturday, February 20, 2010


February 20th until March 20th is limbo.  Everyone is done with winter but spring never shows up quite that early.  It feels...eerie.  Like an in-between time of nothingness and waiting.  What is supposed to happen during this time outside of artificial human stuff?  Nothing!  I suppose spring is busy in the bud, out of sight, getting ready to explode but we don't see that.  Are we supposed to mimic that?


  1. I'm enjoying a visit to your blog, Corabela! I have the same feeling about the late winter limbo that you eloquently describe. As the sun peeks out more lately, I sense that I will actually blossom again from some deep and hidden seed. But for now I'm still pretty dormant and brittle, waiting...

  2. funny i posted on the very same thing last week. even comparing photos from last year. there 's really no point getting anxious for spring right? - it will be here soon enough but not before.
    thank you for your visit today. it's nice to meet you.