Friday, January 8, 2010

Because I'm just in one of those moods...

I got fired from my last job because I publicly (however, not at work) insulted the intelligence of the I.T. guy.  He decided to make things up to get me fired and did.  He cut and pasted things and twisted facts and took advantage of the fact that hardly anyone at that company understands technical talk.  He was a nasty little mole and then didn't even have the balls to be in the trial when I tried to fight it.  He sent his young protege instead.

Of course I shouldn't insult anyone's intelligence.  It's not nice.  However, the action was disportionate to the offense.  My observation of the day is that he had a very, very delicate ego that was very easily damaged.  Maybe he was unsure of himself in his position because he was an older gentleman.  Or maybe he's just a jerk.

I'm just thinking back and noticing how much money the company spent as a result of one man's bruised ego.  Funny.

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